August 29, 2009


There you are. You knead my arm with your little paws, your pink tongue scratching skin. The purr you make melts into your breath, escalating and descending in a loud rrrr... rrrr... Your body is an engine, and your legs the wheels. After doing donuts on the carpet, chasing after your own tail, you are tired. So, you rest beside me. Of all places.

You're half awake, eyes black lines against puffy gray fur. Claws half outstretched in pursuit of your dreams. Body curled up in a crescent shape, the dark side of the moon. Out of your ears sprout white hairs and I poke them just to be annoying. Your ear flicks back but you don't lose concentration from your well-deserved rest. Don't disturb me, I'm sleeping.

As I flip the page, your ear twitches again and you open your eyes a sliver, enough to see glints of dusty yellow.

What are you doing?

I am looking at you. As my hand cups around your head and scratches behind your ears, you purr again. The ends of your whiskers brush me and you fall back asleep.

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