October 12, 2009


I can't believe he talked about the sensation guys feel when peeing being similar to ejaculating can't he see that it was an unpleasant conversation why do we always have to talk about sex when I say we should talk more is that the only common ground we have is that what our relationship amounts to I know he has a lot of hot women around him being a life guard and all but does he really need to talk about these things every day especially when I'm trying to talk to him before going to sleep and he plays Pokemon when he's not talking about sex so he's a geeky pervert who can't keep his dick in his pants would I want to marry him somewhere down the line he will propose to me perhaps will I be prepared will I be ready I can imagine it now me in a short white dress dyed blue at the edges the dress he thought of with woven forget-me-nots dotting my hair we'll get married on the beach with the sound of the waves lapping in between our words of devotion love acceptance I'll probably be nervous and excited and so will he but I'm sure it will be a happy day for us if he only could stop being so vulgar I know he can be better than that which is why I am disappointed whenever our conversation veers to sex or some other similar intimate thing for all I know he could be fucking a tanned life gaurd coworker right now all I have is his word that he isn't but sometimes I catch him lying about something or other just because he knows I will get mad at him or he doesn't think about it he really doesn't think about the things he says a lot and it gets on my nerves I keep telling him to think before he speaks or acts but he doesn't and he's constantly making dumb mistakes like when he called Alley a racist just because she made a joke about Spanish wine being inferior and now Alley my friend despises him and I have to constantly make amends for something I wasn't even present for I ask him to forgive her but he won't do it I ask her to forgive him but she won't do it so now I have two friends who can't be in the same room all because he had to put in his opinion but Oh! when I had revealed to him I had a crush on him it was over a year ago and we were watching a movie on TV with some friends he was lying next to me on my bed because he couldn't see the TV very well from the ground I slept on the top of a bunk bed see so I could see the TV clearly I nudged him with my arm and whispered something what was that what do you want he asked I got shy and shook my head Kiss I whispered but he didn't catch on leaning closer he asked what and I looked him straight in the eye and whispered back K-I-S-S and he kissed me full on the lips Kiss Kiss and yet another Kiss until my heart was aflutter and it spread to my whole body head chest arms abdomen legs feet toes every part of me cried again K-I-S-S

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  1. It's using the last chapter of James Joyce's Ulysses as a model, pretty funny if I do say so myself.