November 23, 2009

In and Out

I wish you were making that sound while going into me,
while feeling me--
between the sheets--
In and Out
In and Out
It was harmony.
Not make-believe,
it was ecstasy!
So sweet the memory, I forgot completely
the moment of your kiss
is lost to me.
Why can't you read between the lines--
Can't you see the best of me?
The angry fiery love of my retreat,
as you cheat with hands behind me.
The feeling,
the sweet sweet feeling,
of her hair is fantasy--
a dream inside a dream
that no remedy can unbind thee!
You say "love me"
I say NO with a rage-love
that eats me
inside and out
with the motion of our bodies' heat
rolling around between the sheets
You cry that sound I wish I could receive
In and Out
In and Out of her
and then I understand.

Love so sweet, it burns me.

1 comment:

  1. I am in a relationship now, but we are going strong! This is not based off personal experience, but with enough imagination it isn't hard to understand how it would feel being cheated on. You try to skirt it for a while, pretend everything isn't wrong, mean while you're being hurt everyday with the possibility everything's a sham. I hope I got the feeling down accurately!