September 20, 2009

Birth of Elvira Moore

I'm going to break away from my fiction/creative nonfiction, and try to write down an outline for a musical that sprung into my head while I was walking to work a few days ago. Quick, before it leaves.

Title: Something with "Elvira Moore" in it, i.e. Elvira Moore: Surviving Freshmen Year

Gen. Setting: College (random college name)

Topics within Play: Long-distant relationships, personal identity (including coming out and being actively gay), career-finding, love-what is it?, role of family (or lack there of), diverse lifestyles, the reality of multi-tasking, and most importantly- SURVIVAL!

Main Characters (so far):

Elvira Moore, 18, Freshman- Looks like America Ferrera from "Ugly Betty," because that show is AWESOME!!! Maybe. A geeky college freshman, booknerd, very shy, but waiting to find her own place in the word. Going for something maybe in the Humanities?

Sara LeDuc, 18, Freshman (Elvira's Roommate)- Elvira's foil (of course!) Blonde and dangerous. Knows random Internet knowledge, and quotes everything from pop culture. She's in with the "oddball" crowd, and wants Elvira to join the darkside of college cliques. Wants to be a doctor.

Tony Vasquez, 20, Sophmore- Was held back a grade in senior year because he got caught trying to steal the high school principal's car for a senior prank (Hey, it was a Mercedes). His mother died when he was nine, and he doesn't know who his father is, but he lives with Professor Borris (below). A tall Mexican, who knows Spanish as a second language, he is the clown of his class and respected amongst the no-gooders. And he develops a crush can probably guess. Struggles with every class except Creative Writing, Spanish, and gym (which he is Christian's rival).

Christian Roberts, 19, Sophmore- Star goalie of the soccer team, he has an over-blown ego with muscles to compliment (yay cliche!) Brown-hair, blue-eyed, he is the "Hottest Single Sophmore," voted by Beta Omega Omega Beta in their weekly magazine "Kissa" (of which they are the only subscribers). Half-way through the year, he finds out girls are really crazy...and turns gay. Gotta love those gay guys!

Omar Mahmed, 18, Sophmore- member of the soccer team, Roberts right-hand man. He's very bright, majoring in Mathematics and planning to pursue graduate school. Very self-motivated, he admires Christian for his honesty and leadership skills (and his good body). Actively gay, he is also the president and founder of Quad-Alliance (also known as LGBT Alliance).

Sarah Anderson, 18, Freshman, Michelle Vanderbrook, 19, Sophmore, and Theresa Biggs, 21, Senior- Main members of Beta Omega Omega Beta.

Sarah (with an h) joins the "Christian Roberts Fan Club" after attending the first soccer practice. She likes boybands and has always admired soccer, secretly playing it in her rich parents backyard. However, she knows her parents would never allow her to play any sport, let alone soccer, and confines herself to her flute and violin, but loves to watch the games with the other two members of BOOB.

Michelle Vanderbrook has two classes with Christian, and loves to rub it in the others' faces. She wants to be an actor in a musical (irony), constantly practicing her lines and singing in the shower, in the living, while she cooks, and even while she's going to the bathroom (much to Theresa's, also her roommate, annoyance). Her "love" for Christian stems from Freshman Orientation where they were picked to be partners in a skit during Intro to Drama. It was Romeo and Juliet. Very romantic, Michelle studies French and works in a nearby cafe. (should I have her turn lesbian? Maybe.)

Theresa Biggs is the leader of BOOB, and the most obsessed. A smoker and a heavy drinker, she loves to party. Because of many previous relationships failing, she lost faith in her graduating class, and looked for someone younger to start another relationship with. Enter Christian Roberts. Her major is accounting (wtf), and she strangely likes it, especially when she has a few bottles of vodka in her stomach.

Professor Derek Borris, age unknown- Professor of Humanities, and as you've probably guessed from the name, the most boring professor in the entire college. (Not to be mean to my professors) Scenes with him are done in the style of Charlie Brown's teacher. Very classic. However, though Dr. Borris seems very opaque, he is Tony's foster-father, and may be hiding a secret passion for dance.

Dr. Laura (last name unknown, 34)- Sara and Elvira's advisor. She is very patient, and has been single for nine years now. She is also a professor of Psychology, and doubles as the two girls' on-campus psychiatrist. Curly hair and dynamic personality, she is very passionate (especially about men).


Professor Ludwig, 38- Chemistry professor and Sara's rolemodel. He likes to take long walks between classes and stare into space. With a crazy hairstyle, which is always a different shade of color each appearance, he is the person whom Dr. Laura eventually ends up with (after nine long years).

Mr. Moore and Mrs. Moore- Elvira's parents, always willing to help and give her advice. Mrs. Moore is a very hard-core Catholic, and questions Elvira's tastes in friends and activities, but she loves her daughter very much. Mr. Moore is a dentist now, but he used to be a world-class surfer (go figure), and has kept the Australian accent from his upbringing. He is more understanding of the two, and sends letters to his daughter secretly, so they can talk about things "Mrs. Moore" wouldn't want to hear.

Dr. Gurth- President of the college. He's always finding out what's new and hip, a very radical doctor with PhDs in History and Sociology. He sends surveys to each student throughout the year, often with crazy and very-personal questions. He pops up randomly, wearing outrageous clothing and is the modern, realistic version of Dumbledore.

P.S. This is by no means final, and is subject to change. Also, if you want to put in your opinions, feel free to leave a comment. Thanks!

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