September 03, 2009

Human Emotion: Loneliness

[23:34] (kissdagurl) yo yo, she wrote with a small smile. Poorboy was on, and he was her best online friend 3vah!

[23:34] (poorboy246) whats up

[23:35] (kissdagurl) nothing much...I just got done with class. I got an 86 on my Calc test

[23:35] (poorboy246) congrats! I hated my calc class...too many numbers @_@ couldn't get it all

[23:35] (kissdagurl) yah, ditto. But now I'm done with class and I'm free to do whatever

[23:35] (poorboy246) cool

[23:39] (kissdagurl) watcha doin' now?

[23:40] (poorboy246) nothing. I've got a nasty cold, so my mom's making me rest. She wants me off the computer, but I can stay on for a little while

[23:40] (kissdagurl) Oh ok

She looked at the empty chat list. It was only him, and if he left she would be alone in an invisible chat room, waiting pathetically for someone to show up. If they ever did she'll write a fake enthusiastic "hey it's so-and-so, what's up??," but her eyes wouldn't reflect the happiness her words expressed.

[23:44] (poorboy246) OMG! Check out this vid!

[23:47] (kissdagurl) lol, but her voice wasn't heard in the small dorm room she had crammed all her useless possessions of her life. As boring and drab as her life had been up until she found the internet. There people could und3r574nd j00. She didn't have to worry about fitting in, she just typed what she wanted to feel and other people assumed it was real. That way, lying was easier.

[23:47] (kissdagurl) have you seen the Family Guy version?

[23:48] (poorboy246) hell ya! that's where i got it from!

[23:48] (kissdagurl) lol, yah. FG's pretty funny. She didn't really think so; Family Guy was a bit too...wild for her taste. Some episodes were funny, like the Peanut Butter Jelly Time one, but not a majority of them. Like the Peanut Butter one, the cool ones were always stealing ideas from somewhere else. What made it "hilarious" was that the only person in Family Guy with common sense, besides the power-hungry toddler, was humiliating himself by appearing randomly in a banana suit and maraca-looking things, shouting "IT'S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!" That's it.

[23:52] (poorboy246) Oh man, my mom is being a real BIOTCH! She's yelling at me to get off. Oh well, gtg! b4 my mom killz meh...sorry!

[23:53] (kissdagurl) yah, np, take care.

[23:53] (poorboy246) u2, peace out!

[23:54] poorboy246 quits Teenchat (quit: crazy mom ATTACK! sorry Kate!)

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  1. I am a member on an IRC-chat group. I won't tell you the name, but the format of this is based on that.