September 25, 2009


I sign my name "Kimani Nakamura Y." Why?

Y. = Yoshiko, the name of my diceased grandmother.

Y. = Why did she have to die? I was only three.

Y. = Yoshiko translates into "good girl" or "lucky girl"

Y. = The Japanese in me that isn't passed down from my father, but the spirit. I hope my grandma is proud of me.

Y. = YKIMANI, my personalized licence plate that my mom gave to me after I bought my old Jeep with the bond money my grandma left after she died. The last bond dated a few days before my third birthday.

Y. = The question I ask myself whenever I'm alone. No family, no grandmother, hardly any money.

Y. = Me. Curious. Nervous. Sad. But always asking the question, "Why?"

Y. = When I am publishing books, will the Y. be there?

1 comment:

  1. I like my middle name, and I wish I could have known my grandmother better. What will be my author signature is still a mystery to me--someone who doesn't hold a lot of value in my first or last name. But, my middle name is special. I'll tell you what my signature is as soon as I figure it out!